Please click here for an example of a team-building workshop with the family-tree-international

Family Tree International provides a range of customized team building workshops uniting diverse groups by engaging participants in unique, exciting, hands-on creative projects. Workshops incorporating wood begin with a group walk in a forest to find individual treasures in the form of windfallen branches that are dry, free of rot and insect life. Selected branches are then sculpted using safe, easily learned hand tool techniques into individual structural elements that are joined (using an easy wood dowel and glue technique) to become a group sculpture, preserving the dynamic group experience in a tangible, satisfying and durable form, for long term enjoyment in a communal space. Smaller replicas of the original work are easily produced in small scale from a 3D scanning process, allowing all participants to have a keepsake of the group experience.

Please contact Timothy Mark for enquiries about workshops.